In recent months, we have been busy with the development of a master plan for a creative neighbourhood in Ouder-Amstel: Hortus Zuidpark. Commissioned by MadeforProjects, we worked hard with KettingHuls from Amsterdam on the concept of Hortus Zuidpark in which the classical elements of a Hortus (garden) was combined with modern technological possibilities. We provide maximum spaces for working within the A10 Ring in a creative and natural environment that offers room for new experiences. Working here is combined with relaxation, green and experiencing.

The target group of this plan had great preference for industrial heritage. To offer an appropriate solution, together with KettingHuls we looked for familiar industrial forms that subsequently were stacked inside the complex into a recognisable silhouette.

The urban area between the buildings was designed as a ‘Discovery City’, an urban area arranged with small streets, alleys, a square, courtyard gardens, gates and street corners. That created a new field of vision with alternating spheres, a ‘composition of urban space versus a mass of buildings’.

In addition to a lively square, the small streets and the quay, the buildings also offer tranquillity and calmness. The buildings will include eight different gardens, each one with its own atmosphere, size, layout and type of plants, varying from a butterfly garden, picking garden, rose garden and a meditation garden. The gardens are linked to a twice as high multi-functional space, a refectory, a library or an auditorium. Some are open to the public, others are only for employees, but ‘they are all visible to everyone and contribute to a better atmosphere for the entire neighbourhood.’

Planning the layout for this ambitious building of 80,000 m2 for creative industry will be realised on Spaklerweg behind Zuidpark, along the A10 and Duivendrechtsevaart in the Amstel Business Park in Ouder-Amstel.

We worked with lots of pleasure and enthusiasm on this concept and we are proud of the result!

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