Verschuren Interieurbouw in Eindhoven is a family business with more than 35 years of experience in implementing ambitious interior projects. After 20 years at a location in the Esp industrial area, they have moved to a high-profile location on the A58 motorway at the Kapelbeemd Business Park. As a team, Rudy, Roy and Eric stood at the basis of the accommodation on Esp. We have now been re-commissioned to guide Verschuren during this important step in the development of the company.

Verschuren has asked Quadrant4 to provide housing advice and the interior design. The new location will first be renovated. We will also supervise the renovation project. The construction team has by now been contracted and in June 2020  will begin the renovation works. In mid September, Verschuren will move to the new premises.

It is very nice that we are able to contribute to the realisation of a beautiful new work environment for Verschuren Interieurbouw.