As a Breeam expert, our colleague Tom Schellekens has been very busy recently with the Moonen Packaging project in Weert.

“I look back very proudly on the BREEAM project in Moonen Packaging. We started with an ambition score of Very Good*** and ultimately we were resoundingly successful in achieving a BREEAM Excellent**** certificate.

In spite of these unusual times, we used adapted digital resources, had a good final inspection and were able to comply well with all the BREEM categories. By applying many environment-friendly produced building materials and because purchases were done in an accountable manner, we achieved a higher final BREEM score than the required 75.11%. Actually 76.33%! That made this project extra nice. We usually end up with a lower score than required and in this case, we finished with a higher score due to the accurate handling by the engineering contractor.”

We congratulate the commissioning party, HVBM, and the renter Moonen Packaging on this great score and we wish them a sustainable future in using this building.