Koninklijke Van Eerd is a printer of packaging materials for the pharmaceutical industry. It is a family business in which the fourth generation has joined the company. Since 2018, Quadrant4 has engaged with this company. By now, the provisional design of the building, located along the Ringbaan Noord, is completed. At the rear side, the building borders the Goirkekanaaldijk. The front of the building will soon be constructed on this street. The plot is 14,000 m² and the initial preparations have begun.

The design includes a sustainable gas-free facility equipped with the latest technology. It is a site that will enable Van Eerd to further expand in the coming years and double its production capacity. We obviously use natural and genuine materials and inside the facility there is great attention paid to good logistics and sight lines.

Together with the installation advisor Klictet, constructor AMB, DLvD fire safety and the Scheutjens consultancy firm, we will be working further on the design in the coming months. We expect to start the implementation around the summer holidays.