The first phase of the new Decathlon Distribution Centre in Tilburg was delivered. A sustainable, energy-neutral DC in which 32,650 m2 of the total 45,000 m2 of surface is now completed. The second will be completed this year. The design of Dedato architects and Quadrant4 will provide sustainability and installation advice. The DC has already acquired the BREEAM design certificate Excellent****. This ambition will definitely be achieved as well with the delivery certificate.

Once again, a beautiful project in Tilburg in which the entire roof will be equipped with aphotovoltaic (PV) installation.

The sustainable ambition of a gas-free DC and office has also been adopted by the renter Decathlon and they have also implemented their own installations and processes based on this ambition. In short, a great fusion of sustainability, ambition and reduction of operation costs.

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