Quadrant4 welcomes Jeroen Veefkind as the newest colleague in the field of project management. Jeroen has extensive experience in managing projects and has actively started working for our clients as of March 2021. We wish Jeroen a lot of success within the Quadrant4 team.

Jeroen tells us more:

I studied at Eindhoven University of Technology and graduated as an architect. As such, I also started my career in 1993. As I built up more experience, I noticed that my interest shifted to project management. For the past 10 years I have actually fully focused on this role, but without having to let go of my background as an architect. In addition to the regular work as a project manager I try to relieve the work for architects as much as possible.

For the past 7 years I have been working in Belgium as a project leader / project manager. Most projects were housing projects and projects in the social sector (schools, sports halls). I have supervised many projects, from design to delivery. At a certain point, however, I couldn’t develop further, and I started looking for a new challenge.

When I first contacted Quadrant4 I was immediately enthusiastic about the way the agency was presented: Open, professional, with a lot of attention for the employees, and with a beautiful and extensive portfolio. From my start at Quadrant4 I have been immediately involved in a number of challenging projects where I can use my knowledge and experience. Now that I have been working at Quadrant4 for a short time, I can (despite the limiting factor “Corona”) conclude that I am now part of a nice team and I am working in a nice environment. The expectations have been fully met!