Quadrant4 would like to congratulate LC Packaging on receiving the Breeam Outstanding certification! Ben Kessing of Quadrant4 was there to present the certificate to Lucas Lammers, CEO of LC Packaging. The showpiece will be getting a beautiful place inside the new LC Packaging building.

A word from LC Packaging:

At LC Packaging we strive to engage all our stakeholders in our quest for sustainable packaging materials as well as looking to minimize the negative impact on the environment and waste of valuable packaging materials. It should come as no surprise that sustainability was one of the most important requirements when designing our new headquarters.

The new building had to be durable and ready for the future. We wanted it to be one of the most sustainable buildings in the Netherlands. That is not an easy task, but with the help of Quadrant4’s expertise, we are proud to be working in a building which is completely energy neutral. Earning a Breeam Outstanding score is not easy to earn, but Quadrant4 has advised us throughout the entire process. Together, we have had plenty of discussions which always lead to even better ideas. Quadrant4 has advised us honestly, in a straightforward matter, on the best options for our building. This was a big reassurance of our trust in Quadrant4 throughout the process. The Breeam Outstanding Certificate is a meaningful acknowledgement of our efforts and cooperation. 

Breeam’s Sustainability categories explained

Quadrant4 and LC Packaging have built a durable relationship in the past three years. In a Partnerstory, soon to be published, we will share our mutual fascination for sustainability more in depth and talk you through the nine different sustainability categories Breeam works with.