Quadrant4 welcomes Marijn Klomp as a new project manager in the areas of sustainability advice and BREEM-NL. Marijn is by no means a stranger to these subjects, the first meeting was actually in the garden of Eric de Vetten. We have since gotten to know Marijn as hard-working and eager to learn, which makes him a perfect addition to our team. In the following paragraphs, Marijn is going to introduce himself to Quadrant4’s network. We are looking forward to guiding him through all aspects of his new position as a BREEAM-NL project manager. We hope Marijn will have both success and fun as a member of the Quadrant4 team. 

A word from Marijn

After studying Small Business & Retail Management, I started my work experience in the supermarket industry. After several years I was ready for a change of career and a new, innovative work environment. Luckily, this is exactly what I found with Quadrant4! Sustainability is something that had interested me greatly since college. In my new role as BREEAM-NL project manager I can fully explore this interest. 

The first meeting I had with Quadrant4 was a great experience for me. I immediately noticed that there was a lot of interest, from the employers in the employees and their ambitions. This gave me a good perspective on personal and professional growth. Currently I have been working at Quadrant4 for about a month, and already a lot of knowledge has been shared with me from multiple colleagues. This has given me a very welcoming feeling, that, in combination with my new role, is what makes this feel like an ‘outstanding’ match!