A new generation, new housing, and their own vision of the future. The new housing fits like a glove for Holly & Toon jr and their team!

The mutual working relationships & internal processes of Verschuren Interior Construction were thoroughly analyzed when our project arrived. We horizontally + vertically translated the results into a plan which fit into the existing boundaries of the existing architecture. After this, we started to form the interior & customization in 2D plans, 3D housing and 3D custom objects.

Within the interior design, designed by Quadrant4 for Verschuren, not 1 cm was left undiscussed. The result is “spacy” housing, designed with a strong 360 mindset. Every element of detail represents a piece of quality & showroom for Verschuren Interior Construction.

Meanwhile, Verschuren’s new housing has been fully put into use. An inspiring working environment, where, from their own house, sales get generated on a high level.

Quote Holly & Toon jr:

“Our housing is the image of what we currently stand for. Ready for the future, proud and grateful! Together with our team we work on inspiring projects every day where we enjoy using our own interior. The spaces in our establishment have been used to ensure we have a fitting room for every type of consultation. Our work café is our favorite. Here we can discuss work in a train seat, at the Giraffe table or on the couch. Are you looking to get inspired as well? The coffee is ready.”