Your current accommodation is no longer ‘appropriate’. It does not meet the current legislation and regulations. Or it no longer matches your business processes or size. Therefore, you are looking for a new accommodation. You are interested in a new or existing facility that has the right élan, perhaps also at a completely new location. We are convinced that our refreshing look at accommodation can truly help you in this quest.
Quadrant4 has lots of experience in designing, supervising and elaborating new building and relocation plans. We take a critical and positive look at your business processes and we then indicate were improvements are possible. Subsequently, we help you to clearly formulate your wishes and requirements. The result is an architectural design which excels your aesthetic and creative expectations; a design perfectly tailored made for you.

Architecture and interior design enhance each other
Do you also require an astounding and distinguished interior design? Then Quadrant4 is certainly the right address for you. From a call centre to a complete office design: we are always up for the challenge. Moreover, we make sure that Quadrant4 enhance the architecture and interior design. The interior designers and architects of Quadrant4 lift the projects to a higher level because they collaborate in a smart manner. They challenge each other. That leads to synergy, which you will profit from.

Virtual Reality models and 3D-presentations
Images often say more than words. You want to see, feel, and understand what your new facility will be like. Quadrant4 translates design drawings into an image and that makes the building come alive. We are happy to show you Virtual Reality models and 3D-presentations. We have got a plethora of different ways to let you experience the new building. For example, static images, interactive 360˚ panorama images or a virtual tour through the new building. All the parties involved can now really ‘experience’ the new company facility.