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Quadrant4 has a new colleague

Quadrant4 welcomes Marijn Klomp as a new project manager in the areas of sustainability advice and BREEM-NL. Marijn is by no means a stranger to these subjects, the first meeting was actually in the garden of Eric de Vetten. We have since gotten to know Marijn as hard-working and eager to learn, which makes him a perfect addition to our team. In the following paragraphs, Marijn is going to introduce himself to Quadrant4’s network. We are looking forward to guiding him through all aspects of his new position as a BREEAM-NL project manager. We hope Marijn will have both success and fun as a member of the Quadrant4 team. 

A word from Marijn

After studying Small Business & Retail Management, I started my work experience in the supermarket industry. After several years I was ready for a change of career and a new, innovative work environment. Luckily, this is exactly what I found with Quadrant4! Sustainability is something that had interested me greatly since college. In my new role as BREEAM-NL project manager I can fully explore this interest. 

The first meeting I had with Quadrant4 was a great experience for me. I immediately noticed that there was a lot of interest, from the employers in the employees and their ambitions. This gave me a good perspective on personal and professional growth. Currently I have been working at Quadrant4 for about a month, and already a lot of knowledge has been shared with me from multiple colleagues. This has given me a very welcoming feeling, that, in combination with my new role, is what makes this feel like an ‘outstanding’ match!

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A Breeam Outstanding score for LC packaging!

Quadrant4 would like to congratulate LC Packaging on receiving the Breeam Outstanding certification! Ben Kessing of Quadrant4 was there to present the certificate to Lucas Lammers, CEO of LC Packaging. The showpiece will be getting a beautiful place inside the new LC Packaging building.

A word from LC Packaging:

At LC Packaging we strive to engage all our stakeholders in our quest for sustainable packaging materials as well as looking to minimize the negative impact on the environment and waste of valuable packaging materials. It should come as no surprise that sustainability was one of the most important requirements when designing our new headquarters.

The new building had to be durable and ready for the future. We wanted it to be one of the most sustainable buildings in the Netherlands. That is not an easy task, but with the help of Quadrant4’s expertise, we are proud to be working in a building which is completely energy neutral. Earning a Breeam Outstanding score is not easy to earn, but Quadrant4 has advised us throughout the entire process. Together, we have had plenty of discussions which always lead to even better ideas. Quadrant4 has advised us honestly, in a straightforward matter, on the best options for our building. This was a big reassurance of our trust in Quadrant4 throughout the process. The Breeam Outstanding Certificate is a meaningful acknowledgement of our efforts and cooperation. 

Breeam’s Sustainability categories explained

Quadrant4 and LC Packaging have built a durable relationship in the past three years. In a Partnerstory, soon to be published, we will share our mutual fascination for sustainability more in depth and talk you through the nine different sustainability categories Breeam works with.

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Project Levi’s nominated for the German Sustainability Award in Real Estate

On behalf of Delta Development Group we designed the new EDC for Levi’s in Dorsten Germany . The first Cradle to Cradle® EDC to be built in Germany has now been nominated for the German Sustainability Award in Real Estate. We congratulate Delta Development on this great news!

Read more about the ‘Deutscher Immobilienpreis’.

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Quadrant4 is taking on the port of Rotterdam

We are pleased to share with you that we will be doing the project management for a big development in the Rijnhaven in Katendrecht, Rotterdam. Katendrecht has been through many developments in its lifetime. The neighbourhood used to be a place frequented by night workers, now, it is a popular destination for outside visitors and the inhabitants of Rotterdam. Enjoying a culinary experience, visiting an art exhibit or theater show, or simply just drinking a nice cup of coffee; Katendrecht has got it all. Katendrecht is currently developing into a true hotspot. 

The project we will be working on is a development of over 85.000 m2, containing housing, retail, a hotel, office spaces and plenty of parking possibilities. Development has started at the end of 2020 and is expected to be finished at the end of 2024. The project will officially be completed in early 2025. The design of the development is the work of Joke Vos architecten and DEDRIE. Since this is such a large development, it has been parted into several smaller developments. These developments will partly be realised at the same time, and partly after one another. 

We have started phase 1 of the project, Bayhouse. At the end of 2021 the next phase, MGallery Hotel, will start. We are thrilled to help realise this exciting development. 

View at Rijnhaven
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Roparun 2021 is on and Quadrant4 is participating!

After a successful first Roparun in 2019, starting in Paris and ending in Rotterdam, we will be participating in this fantastic event a second time. The Roparun is a relay race where teams use their athletic abilities to raise money for people suffering from cancer.

2021’s edition of the event has been moved to Limburg. Team LEDsFoundation, the team Quadrant4 and Trilux are a part of, will leave Landgraaf on October second and will return to Landraaf on Sunday October third.

The money we raise for the Roparun fund will benefit the care of people with cancer. We hope to match the amount of money we raised back in 2019, but surpassing this amount would be an even more meaningful accomplishment. The only way we can make this happen, is with your support!

Click here to see how you can support this sporty charity event. 

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Quadrant4 has a new colleague

Quadrant4 welcomes Jeroen Veefkind as the newest colleague in the field of project management. Jeroen has extensive experience in managing projects and has actively started working for our clients as of March 2021. We wish Jeroen a lot of success within the Quadrant4 team.

Jeroen tells us more:

I studied at Eindhoven University of Technology and graduated as an architect. As such, I also started my career in 1993. As I built up more experience, I noticed that my interest shifted to project management. For the past 10 years I have actually fully focused on this role, but without having to let go of my background as an architect. In addition to the regular work as a project manager I try to relieve the work for architects as much as possible.

For the past 7 years I have been working in Belgium as a project leader / project manager. Most projects were housing projects and projects in the social sector (schools, sports halls). I have supervised many projects, from design to delivery. At a certain point, however, I couldn’t develop further, and I started looking for a new challenge.

When I first contacted Quadrant4 I was immediately enthusiastic about the way the agency was presented: Open, professional, with a lot of attention for the employees, and with a beautiful and extensive portfolio. From my start at Quadrant4 I have been immediately involved in a number of challenging projects where I can use my knowledge and experience. Now that I have been working at Quadrant4 for a short time, I can (despite the limiting factor “Corona”) conclude that I am now part of a nice team and I am working in a nice environment. The expectations have been fully met!

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Quadrant4 news!

Today we have reached a new phase. The management team will be expanded with Ben Kessing. Together with Roy, Eric and Rudy, they further shape the development of the Q4 Team.

In addition, we congratulate Roy Bruggeman and Ben Kessing on becoming co-shareholders of Quadrant4. Ben Kessing is a project manager and has been working at Quadrant4 since 2013. Roy has been working as an architect at Quadrant4 since 2015. Both have contributed to the development of the agency to where we are today.

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