The world of AV (audio-visual equipment) and domotics (or home and building automation) is developing at a rapid pace and offers endless possibilities. For you it is crucial to select a mix of installations out of all these applications, which best fits your current and future needs. Quadrant4 is an expert in the field of AV and domotics and will support you in that area. We make sure that your house or building and the selected installations are integrated optimally. This is cost saving, both in the installation and operation.

AV and domotics advice
As AV and domotics advisor, we guide you in determining your wishes and applying the options. We set up a functionality description and ensure that it fits in with the interior design. We describe all the options in audio and video solutions, risk management, lighting & climate solutions for you before we make all the technical decisions. The result is a design that completely aligns with your wishes and/or the wishes of the user(s).

Quadrant4 takes care of the technical design, the choice of system and the alignment with the system integrators and installation companies. While closely cooperating with you, we are also responsible for the selection of the procedure, the tendering/contracting, the project management, putting into operation and the after-care track.

We combine this specialisation with our role as project manager or housing consultant. That way, we distinguish ourselves in the market.