In housing projects, it is crucial to find the correct balance between architecture and technology. Therefore, the installation consultants of Quadrant4 are integrally connected to the projects. We have plenty of in-house knowledge about installation technology. We use this knowledge to support our clients and architects. We contribute and engage proactively in the design and implementation process.

Installation techniques:
Quadrant4 advises on installation technology from the start of your housing issue up to and including commissioning. This is how we distinguish ourselves in the market.

For many clients we are also a sparring partner in the facility management field. We relieve you of maintenance tenders and redesign issues.

In addition, Quadrant4 provides valuable sustainability advice. Specialists within Quadrant4 are trained effectively for carrying out the commissioning of sustainable lighting installations, building control and domotics (or home and building automation) solutions. We also implement thermo-graphic measurements ourselves.

Fire Safety Advice:
The safety of your employees, visitors and yourselves is paramount. However, the regulations related to fire safety in the Netherlands is rather complex and often depend on what the building is used for. It’s understandable that users and administrators do not know these regulations in detail. Quadrant4 is always up-to-date about the latest rules and requirements. We are able – like no one else – to translate these in the most effective and practical solutions for your specific situation.

Quadrant4 is especially very competent in the process management for comprehensive fire safety and risk management. Together with our partners, we take care of all the documents and reports necessary for environmental permits and for certifying the fire safety systems. As process manager, we coordinate all the documents, the design and the fire prevention measures with the fire brigade and the competent authorities.